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Thursday, February 11, 2016


Each of my children have strengths and weakness, like all of us.  As their mom I can rattle off both on each of my offspring.  I think one of the greatest challenges for many of us moms, who are trying to train our children in righteousness, is the ditch we can fall into focusing on character that needs to be molded, instead of rejoicing in character shown.

This week our third born son, the one whom his Dad whistled the theme song, "My Three Sons" as his announcement to all he called from the hospital, turns 27.  Our third son earned his place in our family line up between two "I want the center stage" siblings.  He has quietly left the stage on more than one occasion to allow them the attention they both crave.  In so doing, he is our peacemaker.

He was our first violinist, here playing with Benjamin.

As he turns 27 this week I celebrate his character.  Character that has been molded by the Lord through perseverance.  While things have come a lot easier for his two older brothers, he has been the one who has continued to steadily move forward.  With each knock down, he has returned to his tall stature, which extends over his older brothers, to get himself back on course.

He will finish up his degree this summer.   He chose to obtain a degree debt-free.  This challenge meant he would forgo a new car, vacations and even returned home for extended stay, until he could find affordable rent.  Through out his journey he has continue to work full time or more, while attending school.  He would collect employee of the month and countless other work awards, while still pushing through with school.  He would walk the path at his own pace.

Many times I have questioned his college course, wondering if it might not be better for him to enter a career full time.  He would take off a semester, earn up money, and return to school.  He was determined.

As his other siblings married........and had children.....he continued on course.

When he was young my motto for him was, "slow and steady wins the race."  I was the mom who would yell from the bleachers, "run like your pants are on fire", while he slowly rounded the bases in baseball. He was never the child you could rush, but I also said, "you will never have heart problems from stress." He has always reminded calm.

My steady man has convicted his mother's heart more than once.  His silence can speak volumes, I never have heard him say a bad thing about anyone. He is never jealous, envious nor brags.  He humbly moves through life, while his siblings seem to be blazing trails blowing up dust, he is content.

So, today I look up to "My Mighty Tower", which is what his name means,  "I Love You and Happy Birthday".   Your perseverance has made you the man you are today, continue on your race.

Friday, February 5, 2016

It Never Works for Me!

After a long week of fighting the crud, some unnamed illness, I found myself alone.  My mind went wild with the possibilities.  I would have a few hours before I need to pick up Benjamin.  Alone time.  What is alone time? What will I do now that I feel okay?

My friend recently had her annual medical test run. All those test that are needed at the mid-century years, were taken.  The advice the doctor gave her was that he felt most women held in their stress.  This naturalistic doctor advises his patients, before prescriptions, to try to manage stress in varies natural forms.  One of his suggestions for women to release their stress is spa day. Massages were at the top of his de-stress advice.

We both looked at each other and said, "Yeah, RIGHT!"  We both talked about all the issues that would keep us from de-stressing in this manner....money and time and family.  We also discussed that we needed to learn from his advise.  Walking is free...having a spa day at home, not massage, was also a possibility.

This is where my thoughts had gone in my head on this free morning.  So off to the bathroom I went to have my own, de-stress, spa day.  I looked into my drawer to find a spa packet, for my face, a gift from how knows how long ago.  I looked down at my toes and fingers,  yes!!!, they needed attention and color.  I started the water in my shower.  Calgon take me away commercial playing in my head, I stepped in.  Surely the facial mask would remove the years of neglect.  Surely my husband would notice all the time I am taking to beautify myself. Surely the stress would wash down the drain with the water.

Now, as my friend would say....I was setting myself up for a disaster.  Truth is, It NEVER Works for me, but today would be different.

Music played, my hair was washed and wrapped in a towel, I leaned back in my de-tox mixture water to relax.  I grabbed the facial mask and slathered it all over my face. It was thick.  It smelled wonderful.  Now in my rush to enjoy my spa day  I didn't put on my glasses...I didn't read the package.  As I leaned back relaxing, covered in my orange facial mask, I thought, I didn't read what it said to do.  I grabbed the packet.  To my horror I could barely make out, Hair Mask!!!

OH, MY!!, what had I slathered all over my face?  Oh, my, was I now going to look like a red tomato all broken out?  Oh, MY!!!  I began to scoop off the mask, but not to lose it, rubbed it onto my hair!!!

While I am furiously removing the mask, praying it will not strip off my face, the phone rings. YES, someone is in need!  My college son's car didn't work and he needs me to pick him up, NOW!!!

I look down at my toes, my fingernails and realize, once again.............It NEVER Works for ME!

Now how does this de-stress anyone?  Well I was laughing as I stepped out of the tub, still watching my face in the mirror.  Thank goodness, my hair mask, didn't manifest in horror on my face.  As for my hair, well I couldn't tell any benefit.

My husband never knew I had tried to make myself look beautiful for him.  My college son never knew he had interrupted my "spa day".  Stress-free, came with the realization of  laughing at myself, and plans to one day...............one day.............actually paint my nails, and use a face mask.

Laughter is good like medicine and it is free!!! 

Today, I have some free hours......................you think I ought to try again?????

I hope you have a stress-free, relaxing, refreshing weekend!

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Broken Together

Some times you just have to stop and say.....That man of mine.  Today is one of those post.

I have known my husband since I was 14.  I even have diary post of the day I meet him and where.  Funny, I meet him in the city we now live in, even though we both lived in our home town of Austin, Texas at that time.  Our age difference of seven years prohibited anything but a friendship to form. He was more like the older brother I didn't have, and I his younger sister.

Flash forward to today.  We have been married over 35 years, birthed six children and the grandparents of six small boys.  We have lived in five houses over the years, three we owned and two we have rented.  We have done the reverse, owned then rented, as our income has rocked up and down.  Multiple jobs and changes which redirected the dreams we had in the earlier years of marriage. We have loved each other deeply and also frustrated each other greatly.  There are days we couldn't imagine life without the other and days we both wanted to run away from our marriage.  I think that is the true definition of marriage.

As our family has increased in numbers, a dream I had from the time I was in my teens, we have also seen our financial resources dry up.  This has lead to learning how to live very creatively!!!  It also has lead to learning what "living by faith" truly means.  May I say, "Yes, God is faithful!"  It has also meant that we forgo gift buying for each other in order to buy for our children and grandchildren.

That beings said, however, my husband ALWAYS finds some way to put something under the tree.  This year he was the most creative and on point of any year I can remember, therefore, my shout-out to my man.

He took his gift card from his Christmas party, from his boss, and headed to the mall.  He entered Barnes and Nobles.
Let's stop there..................this is a man who knows his wife.  Yes, by this time you would think he should, but I sometimes wonder.

He proceeded to buy me two of my "dream-to-be" magazines.  You see, in my mind I would be a very good business woman.  I have always dreamed of being a business woman, even when I was in high school.  I dreamed I would own a dance studio. I trained in college to do just that.  I was a dance major with a business minor.  I took courses in business in order to run my studio.  Later, I owned a decorating business while my children were young. Recently I have tried again.  All of these helped with income.................none would make me end up in a magazine or on TV.  You see...in the midst of this business dream, my real desire of raising a family always trumped the other.  Instead of a dance studio, I became a stay-at-home, home school mom.  No earthly awards or income, but still the most rewarding job I will ever have.  Yet, I still read through the books, magazines, blogs and watch the shows, showing others business successes, and continue to dream...maybe one day.

Because he knows me he picked up the magazines.   He also picked up a  CD. You see, next to reading I love music.  This past year I loved and allowed to sink into my heart, a song by Casting Crowns.  Lastly, he went down the mall and bought some perfume.  I am not good at keeping or spending money on perfume, but he loves when I smell like something more than household cleaners.

This man...................and I................have been broken together.  We have brought our shattered dreams to the table and looked at each other and said...................we are staying together.

I don't tell him enough. I don't acknowledge him enough.  Today I shout out to him....I noticed.   May you stop and listen to this song, that inspired this post.  May you help those around you let go of the unrealistic expectations they hold, that only rob from today.  May you see God in all the brokenness, and His promise that He will make beauty from the ashes.
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